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We are hiring...

...staff for an innovative digital + brick & mortar project that will change the Fashion ecosystem.

If you have a genuine passion for sustainable fashion and truly believe that together we can build a better world, we'd like to hear from you.

Grab your CV and send an email to telling us who you are, your talents and skills, what you have done, what would you dream to do and why you think we should hire you!

We will respond as soon as possible and might schedule an interview.

Open vacancies

- Marketing and Public Relations Manager


● Plan and execute an effective marketing strategy to launch a new digital + brick & mortar product;

● Create and publish content across multiple Social Media channels: graphics, webinars and blog posts relevant to the new product and the brand;

● Analyse and report on metrics to measure the impact of the content strategy against commercial goals;

● Build and expand the customer database;

● Initiate promotions and events: engaging current clients and expanding brand awareness;

● Manage all PR activities;