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Frequently Asked Questions 

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inti ferreira's reference and legal language is English, but translations into Dutch, German and Portuguese are also available for selection on the top left corner of the homepage. However, if you prefer to enjoy the shopping experience in your own language, then we recommend the use of Google Chrome as web browser and set there the automatic translation feature, as follows:
1-Open Google Chrome browser and on the top right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu;
2-Select Settings, scroll down and click Show advanced settings;
3- In the 'Languages' section, uncheck 'Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read' box.
Our Website (including Web boutique) will then be immediately (machine) translated and depending on the language chosen it may be almost as perfect as if a human translator has performed it!
inti ferreira's Website displays on most Web Browsers but it is developed to work with Safari, Chrome and latest version of Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or other you may find some slight mismatches, depending on the device that you are using.
Yes, according to our shipping & Returns conditions. However for sustainability reasons we encourage our customers to provide the body measurements during the checkout at the applicable step so that our team can check (free of cost) if the ordered article(s) will fit. You can also call us and we will be pleased to advice you before you place the purchase.
No. At this moment is only possible to return articles purchased online to our main facilities in The Netherlands. We are however setting up agreements with partners (including some of the current points of sales) to accept returns either by courier or directly at their stores, thus to improve your shopping experience.
inti ferreira's team endeavours to send your order as soon as possible, after re-checking the quality of the article in stock and if it fits the corper measurements that you provided during the checkout process. Our binding delivery timeframes are layed out in paragraph 2 of shipping & Returns, but in general we are able to dispatch the orders very quickly, thanks to our skilled team and to the location of our depots. As to the shipping time, it depends on the recipient address. For sustainability reasons inti ferreira only offers Standard shipping Services provided by sustainable couriers. For example, shippings within the Nertherlands are in general delivered in the next day. For Japan it takes in average 9 days and for Australia 10-12 days. For more information on this use our simulator.
Shipping an order above €100 for any country in the European Union, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Switzerland, Turkey and UK is free. Below this amount an additional cost applies also to these countries. We provide a shipping price simulator during the order checkout and also hier. If your country is not listed in this simulator or if you received a message during checkout that it is not possible to send the order to your country, please contact us.
All inti ferreira collections are limited series and can happen that a size is no longer available. If this happens we recommend that you contact us either by email or telephone. Perhaps your size is available at one of our points of sales or one of the closer sizes can still fit you. It can also be that we still have some remaining fabrics and we can quickly make your size in our ateliers.