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Shipping & Returns

IF - inti ferreira (IF), the distributor of the brand inti ferreira, offers to end-customers a standard delivery service, free of charge for orders above 100€ to all EU countries via the standard service provided by DHL, DPD or UPS. For the remaining European but non-EU countries, IF charges a flat rate of € 30 when the standard delivery service is chosen. Deliveries to other countries are also possible on customer demand either through UPS standard or express services. In order to have a purchase conveniently delivered to a business address or to a different recipient, we provide the option during the order processing, to indicate a shipping address that is different than the billing address. One order can only be delivered to one address. The invoice will be sent to the customer via email. International shipments outside EU maybe subjected to taxes & duties.

1. Special shipping requests

Special shipping requests, such as for example a gift package is possible. The customer can fill in this information during the checkout of the order (step 2 - delivery), in the free text box that is also used to fill-in the body measurements. We will ensure that the gift will be sent without an enclosed invoice to the delivery addresses in regions where we offer a Standard shipping service. Due to customs requirements, an invoice must be sent together with the package on all international orders. The invoice shall however be placed in an envelope outside the gift package.

In the case that express delivery is required (1-3 working days after order confirmation) a surcharge will be applied separately. Express service within The Netherlands adds € 15 to the standard delivery cost. The request must be included as a comment in step 3 of the checkout (Delivery) below the shipping instructions. In this case IF will inform the customer by email about price and payment instructions.

2. Delivery Timeframes

Delivery time with Standard service is in general 2-5 working days in EU after order confirmation, depending on the distance to the country. Delivery times outside EU countries can take a bit longer, depending on carrier’s routes (e.g. UPS) and involve tax/customs authorities. IF web boutique deliveries will take place between Monday to Friday. In the rare case where IF may take too long to confirm an order, customer is entitled to cancel it without additional costs. An order is said to take too long to confirm if notification is not sent by IF to customer within 25 days after the online purchase and payment, whichever is the latest.

3. Pick-up at depot

Free pick-up at the depot in The Netherlands (Den Haag), if customer selects this option during the checkout of the online order. From the moment that the order is confirmed, paid and put at disposal to pick-up at IF’s depot, the customer has 30 days to collect it. After this period, if the order is not picked up by the customer and no other arrangement has been made and agreed by IF in writing, IF is entitled to cancel the order and to dispose the ordered articles elsewhere. In this case there will be no refund to the customer. In order to pickup an order at the depot, the order confirmation and/or a valid ID document will be requested. Another person rather than the customer him/herself can also pick up the order but in this case; he/she has to bring an authorization from the customer.

4. Right-of-withdrawal

a) Cool-off period

The customer has the right to return or exchange the ordered article(s) within a period of 14 days after receiving them from the carrier without need to give a reason. The customer has thus time to comfortably try the ordered article(s) at home and combine them with other pieces from his/her wardrobe. Should the customer does not like a particular item or it doesn’t fit, then he/she is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to return the rejected article(s) within the cool-off period. Please note that IF shall only accept returns of articles that have neither been washed nor worn. As well, IF shall not reimburse articles returned where labels have been removed, are damaged or moved aside.

b) Exclusions of the right of withdrawal

Besides the self understood exclusions set forth above, IF shall not accept returns within the scope of paragraph 4. a) for specific articles, such as the following ones (among others not exhaustively listed): - articles which were produced or tailored on customer’s demand, hence clearly personalized; - sealed articles which have been unsealed by the customer after delivery and for which health protection or hygiene constrains could be involved;

5. Returns

In order to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, the customer must inform IF in written form (e.g. via a letter sent by post or e-mail) and timely sends the package to IF’s depot (see address below) together with the original invoice, so that IF receives it within the cool-off period. To facilitate the administrative returns process IF appreciates that customer downloads and fills in this form and sends it together with the returned article(s) within the package. In the case of a return during the cool-off period, for a reason other than faulty product (covered by the warranty), customer shall bear the cost of the return shipment (e.g. by post) or, alternatively bring it directly to IF’s depot or to a boutique member of the IFOB program.

The package must be returned to:
inti ferreira
Annastraat 8
2513 AT Den Haag
The Netherlands

IF is not liable for returned goods. We recommend that customer:

* packs and seals the return securely, in the original package if possible;

* includes the original invoice of the purchase;

* fills-in and includes the cancellation form indicated above;

* returns the package via registered post;

* keeps copy of the documents sent in the package and the receipt of the registered post for possible enquiries or in the event of the package getting lost, until IF has confirmed the reception of the return shipment;

6. Exchanges

IF allows exchanges of ordered articles within the cool-off period as set forth in paragraph 4-a) above.

In order to exchange one or more articles belonging to the same order the customer must inform IF in written form (e.g. via a letter sent by post or e-mail), clearly indicating the article(s) involved in the exchange (e.g. article number, color, size). After confirming the stock availability IF shall notify the customer per email and provide instructions on how to proceed. In the case of an exchange during the cool-off period, for a reason other than faulty product (covered by the warranty), customer shall bear the cost of the return shipment (e.g. by post) or, alternatively bring it directly to IF’s depot or to a boutique member of the IFOB program.

7. Reimbursement of returned articles

It may take several days for the returned shipment to be received and checked by IF’s staff at its premises in The Netherlands. IF shall send an email notification once the return shipment has been processed. The time required for the refund to be processed in customer’s bank/credit card account can vary and depends upon the speed of customer bank's processing procedures. The customer is responsible for any loss of value of the returned article(s) in case a loss of value is found during the inspection of said articles. Namely, if there is a degradation of the article characteristics and/or qualities caused by the customer. Following the inspection of the returned article(s), if an effective cancellation of the complete order was claimed by the customer and was accepted by IF, all payments received from the customer shall be refunded. The exception is any additional cost that customer may have paid due to the choice of a delivery method different that the cheapest standard (e.g. express delivery), which shall not be refunded.

Refunds shall be made via the same payment method as the original transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed upon with customer. The customer shall not incur in extra charges as a result of this refund.

8. Warranty

inti ferreira, distributed by IF, stands for exclusive high quality fashion. Nonetheless, if one of our products is deemed to be faulty, customer is entitled to claim its repair or replacement during the guaranty period. Ordered articles are considered to be faulty only if they are damaged either due to the shipment/delivery process or due to clear manufacturing failures exhibited within a period of 3 months after delivery. All returned articles claimed as faulty shall be inspected and if deemed valid, IF shall notify the customer of the decision. In this case IF shall refund the returned shipment to the customer. As possible and in the following priority sequence, IF shall carry out free of charge one of the options below:

1)repair the faulty article and deliver it back to the customer;

2)replace the faulty article by a new one and deliver it to the customer;

3)replace the faulty article by a new article of customer’s choice priced the same or less than the customer paid in the original order and deliver it to customer;

4)replace the faulty article by any new article of customer’s choice and charging the customer for the difference above the original paid price. The corresponding delivery shall be free of charge;

IF only accepts complaints for articles that have been purchased online via inti ferreira’s web boutique. For information regarding returns of items purchased offline contact our customer service Contact.

The steps to return a faulty article and claim warranty claim are the same as laid down in paragraph 5 (Returns section).

Faulty articles must be returned to:
IF- inti ferreira
Annastraat 8
2513 AT Den Haag
The Netherlands