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We offer the following secure and efficient payment possibilities at our Web Boutique:

  • iDEAL
  • Bancontact/Mister Cash
  • SOFORT Banking
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Wire transfer (Bank Transfer)
  • PayPal

Placing your order authorizes IF - inti ferreira herewith designated as IF to charge you for the purchase amount. Depending on the chosen payment method, your credit/debit card account may be immediately charged after the order is placed and payment transaction is processed during the checkout. In case an order cannot be confirmed by IF the customer shall be contacted as soon as possible and offered different options including the refund of the purchase amount.

Our online payment methods are ensured by a single secure online gateway provided by Mollie. This means that Mollie acts as a payment intermediary, first receiving your payment in an in-between account and then transferring it further to our account (IF - inti ferreira). Therefore, except for bank transfers, were IF is the direct beneficiary, it is likely that you see “STG MOLLIE PAYMENTS” on your bank statement.

Payment with IDEAL

Customers with a bank account in The Netherlands can pay online using the reliable and secure internet payment system of their bank. This means that a payment via IDEAL is as simple and secure as normal online banking. When selecting this payment the customer is automatically directed to the secure site from his/her bank.

Payment with Bancontact/Mister Cash

Customers with a bank account in Belgium can pay online via Bancontact /Mister Cash using their own pin code. The security and reliability of this payment is fully guaranteed.

Online payments with Bancontact/Mister Cash are safe through the secure web banking service. Take first contact with your bank in case you don’t have yet Web Banking. Note that to do an online payment with Bancontact/Mister Cash it is important to know the number and valid date of your card. This information is not indicated in a standard way on all cards but it is always possible to look for it through the website from your bank.

Payment with SOFORT

Similar to IDEAL (for customers with a bank account in The Netherlands), SOFORT is one of the most secure payment systems in the internet. A customer using SOFORT can pay online using the reliable and secure internet payment system of their bank even if their bank account is not in The Netherlands but in one of many other European Countries (click here for the list of supported countries). The entry of data and codes for the internet banking is exclusively realized via a secure form provided by SOFORT GmbH. The filled-in form is sent by SOFORT GmbH to the customer’s bank. The confidential data and codes for the internet banking are not stored by SOFORT, but rather encrypted and transferred to the customer’s bank through a secure connection, compliant with bank Standards for data exchange.

Payment with Visa and MasterCard

We support Master Card and VISA credit cards. We also accept co-branded cards such as Dankort, Carte Si, Carte Bancaire, Nordea en Carte Bleue as well as Maestro, V-Pay, en Visa Elektron. To ensure that the customer’s online credit card payment is as secure as possible, the information data is encrypted and sent through a secure server. We support via Mollie, Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™, internationally recognized authentication technology collectively known as 3D Secure. 3D Secure protects your credit cards against unauthorized use to minimize the risk of online credit card fraud.

If customer’s card issuer provides this secure technology and customer has activated it on his/her credit card, he/she will be asked to enter an additional password to confirm his/her identity as the rightful cardholder. After entering the card details the customer will be redirected to a page hosted by his/her card issuer where the customer can enter his/her password. If customer is not yet registered for 3D Secure, he/she can do so free of charge in just a few steps during the online order process or contact the card issuer directly to register. Alternatively, the customer can select a different payment type. The password that the customer selects during the registration process is only known to himself/herself and to his/her card issuer and is requested with every purchase.

Payment through Wire Transfer (Bank transfer)

A bank transfer is the most standard way of paying. Any customer with access to internet banking has the possibility to pay via bank transfer. This payment is as reliable and secure as the internet banking provided by the customer’s bank.

A customer choosing this payment method will receive an automatically email containing the details to perform the bank transfer as well as the time limit to do it. The order confirmation and shipment information corresponding to the already placed order will be sent after payment confirmation.

Payment with PayPal

Customers with a PayPal account can make online payments free of charge. The customer’s bank or credit card details are only recorded with PayPal. Therefore they are not sent again via the internet with each online purchase.

A payment done with PayPal is easy and secure as the customer is automatically directed to his/her PayPal page. The PayPal’s website is secure and encrypted. PayPal uses all of the same security features that a customer can expect from any large financial institution.