Inti Ferreira

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Made with respect for people and planet

designed and tailored in Europe since 2007
Discover our latest limited collection SLOW MOTION COMFORT IN GREEN SHAPE

The designs of this collection are all about harmony and alignment with the rhythm of nature. Comfort and elegance balance each other. Subtlety is expressed through imaginative craftsmanship and skilful sophistication. Light overcuts and discreet fullness are important parameters for this collection’s topicality

Slow motion comfort in green shape

Androginous silhouettes meet modern and sophisticated materials in a subdued colour palette.


The combination of luxurious natural fabrics and classic-modern design exudes a silent value.


Chill out the winter in silky shades of blue.

70's Hangover

Let the day sky be your inspiration in the magic black.

Absolute Nature

Soft lines, brown palette colors and refined fabrics will accompany you during the middle seasons in your daily life.

All Seasons

A very feminine collection which does not renounce to a lively color palette and to geometrical optical effect united with very romantic details.

Wonderland of Opportunities

Let vibrant colors warm your winter with this Organic Wool collection.

Love Winter

New Looks

No buttons, no zips and no hassle with this futuristic, UV-protective dress. Plus, the beautifully sewn volant creates an artful infinity-like loop.

You’ll fall in love with these figure-loving straight leg trousers! The high-waist corduroy pants feature quilted seams and jeans-like pockets! Chic has seldom been this comfortable!

Slim fit shirt-dress, elegant and sexy for business.

Season's highlights

This short jersey blouse shirt pairs perfectly with high-rise pants. With cute button details on the back, long sleeves and a turtle neck, this blouse shirt is as lovely as they come!

A vintage cut dress with whimsical bow details on the neck and buttons in the front center. A-line cut with side zip and puff sleeves. Also available in a jewel pattern design fabric. (zha-1204-2)

Stunning long coat with double button rows. This unique coat is beautifully cut to the waist without being restrictive. Lightly bell-shaped and featuring a standing collar, it even has a detachable, oversized hood for the rainy days. Also available in camel, 50% camelhair & 50% wool. ( article zma-1190-1-1)

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With the perfect sensual elegance mix, comfortable quietness, fair production and conscientious green fashion values and policy, inti ferreira has built reputation and it is today a well-established growing Brand in the international fashion business.


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