inti ferreira

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Made with respect for people and planet

designed and tailored in Europe since 2007
for the chic & self-aware women

New Looks

inti ferreira's contemporary breeze pants made of light cotton are the epitome of modern style. With a sustainable approach, these pants offer a perfect blend of comfort and fashion-forward design. Embrace the breezy elegance of these trousers while supporting ethical fashion choices that prioritize both style and sustainability.

SUMMER BASICS that enchant us

Inti ferreira's fresh oasis shirt in aqua green is a breath of sustainable style. Crafted from organic cotton, this shirt not only offers a refreshing pop of color but also showcases the brand's commitment to ethical fashion. Embrace both fashion and conscious choices with this eco-friendly wardrobe essential.

Season's highlights

Inti ferreira's cozy rose elegance dress in old rose color is a stunning showcase of sustainable fashion. Crafted from a mix of Modal and organic certified cotton, this asymmetric dress not only radiates timeless beauty but also highlights the brand's commitment to ethical practices. Embrace elegance and sustainability in this captivating wardrobe piece.

Modern-classic dress made of GOTS organic cot ton Always a chic presence whether at work or to go out in the evening!

Intiferreira's black linen dress exudes puristic noir elegance. Crafted with sustainability and ethical practices, this timeless piece combines style and conscious fashion seamlessly, making it a must-have for those seeking both sophistication and responsibility in their wardrobe.

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Nature and the elements take center stage in this journey along the threshold. Strong reds and beige are used as referents for the mighty, dry and rough desert

A story of crossing thresholds

Going beyond the limits of functionality, challenging our assumptions and shifting perspectives. Greencode installs new codes and associations in our visual consciousness


Tribal, nature and raw material enter in the daily urban style through this collection bringing exceptional comfort and uniqueness.

Urban Silhouette

News & press

With the perfect sensual elegance mix, comfortable quietness, fair production and conscientious green fashion values and policy, inti ferreira has built reputation and it is today a well-established growing Brand in the international fashion business.

The New Normal...

      it's taking long, too long to fix the pandemic and surely we all have enough of it. We believe, though, that soon COVID-19 will be under control and people can live without...

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Welcome back to inti ferreira!

      How are you and your family? We hope well, and yes, the business disruptions keep rocking the textile industry and...

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An invitation for the Planet

      Welcome to the Green Fashion Digital Platform for this special year, your destination for sustainability on your body. Explore...

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Lets overcome this crisis together

      With The Hague Fashion Week over and the 2nd wave Covid-19 pandemic boosting up there's again a few challenges ahead...

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      The importance of solutions for our future & why Inti-Ferreira is trying to use its voice, is to spread a feeling of community, friendship & ....

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Green Carpet Fashion Week Den Haag

      We are excited and pleased to invite you to be part of our exclusive upcoming Fashion Week! Don’t miss the opportunity of catching the glimpse of our limited...

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Circular Economy

      The Covid-19 epidemy has confirmed that something needs to change in society, in the economy, in ourselves...

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Fashion Benelux Magazine

      inti ferreira was featured in the new January's issue of Discover Benelux magazine. Ethical and Ecological Elegance...

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Back to Favourites

      The black dress that’s both comfy and chic, the paint splattered hoodie from three years ago or the soft scarf that never leaves your side. We all have...

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      About 35 000 people took to the streets on September 27th 2019 in the city of The Hague alone to stand up against irresponsible climate politics and economic...

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inti ferreira in VEGAN MAGAZINE

      NATUR PUR - inti ferreira caught at the popular German Vegan Magazine

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