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Circular Economy

The Covid-19 epidemy has confirmed that something needs to change in society, in the economy, in ourselves, in the way we interact with our planet and other living organisms. Now, more than ever, the "circular economy" is the answer to the new order that we all want to see and the world is desperately needing. In spite of the enormous suffering that Covid-19 has been causing to people, particularly to the less resourced ones, we, the survivors, have now a golden opportunity to change everything. It's time to understand that the Earth's sustainability MUST be the first priority. inti ferreira believes that the planet has enough resources to provide an happy life to every being, but the problem is where to find, get and use them in a world governed by a few humans that literally own everything and think only on their own benefit. This MUST change, otherwise there will be no Earth soon.

The 'win-win' talk

There's a lot of 'win-win' talk but deeply inside, most people just want to win and often at the cost of the other. No matter the political regime, the religion, race, roots or etnicity, the goal of most humans is to enrich their material wealth at any cost. Why? Because they think that by doing so they´ll live a comfortable life, are respected and leave their name craved on stone after death. Obviouly this attitude multiplied by bilions of humans, year after year, has resulted on the devastation of the Planet and soon the Space if we continue evoluting exponentially. Some argue that we should stop innovation and go back to the roots of civilization while others believe in conquering the galaxy. Uhh, are there really no other options to save the planet?

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Circular economy

Yes, there are other options and one of them is called 'circular economy'. In a wider context this is the only way to ensure the Planet's sustainability without going back to the 'homo-sapiens' times (or even before). Here is where the fashion business pops-up in the picture as one of the major causes of unsustainability in the Planet, at the moment. To explain what circular economy is, we'd better start by what circular economy is not. Businesses offering products/services:

1) that damage the environment and living organisms during their life cycles;

2) in higher quantities than actually can reasonably be needed by the society;

3) that can't be fully recycled in short time after their end of life-cycle;

are not sustainable businesses and therefore do not have place in the circular economy.

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A change of heart

We at inti ferreira believe that circular economy is absolutely needed but it can only work if people's attitude change. We believe that it is possible to change even though it must happen now. We provide timeless, fair, ecological and high quality fashion articles that can be worn with great pleasure for many years and can be recycled or even upcycled at the end of their life-cycles. We deeply hope that our mission and values will contribute for this change of heart in the society, which is a pre-requisite to circular economy. We all need to believe that this is still possible and to give our contribution whether we are producers, retailers or consumers. Circular economy can only become real if we join forces together and be the change that we want to see on the world.

your inti ferreira team

P.s. Curious to know how economic models can facilitate the circular economy? Don't miss inti ferreira's next newsletter!

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