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With the perfect sensual elegance mix, comfortable quietness, fair production and conscientious green fashion values and policy, inti ferreira has built reputation and it is today a well-established growing Brand in the international fashion business.

Fashion Benelux Magazine

      inti ferreira was featured in the new January's issue of Discover Benelux magazine. Ethical and Ecological Elegance...

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Back to Favourites

      The black dress that’s both comfy and chic, the paint splattered hoodie from three years ago or the soft scarf that never leaves your side. We all have...

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      Really, do we need This? Cheap is not everything. Next week is bargain day again. Indeed every one third seems to take part of it. Where does this lead?

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      It’s cold outside and the air has a slight blue tint but when we look into buildings we see the glow of golden warm light.

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      Yes, we feel it too... the wind, the cold and the short days. Luckily we've got a great antidote against the autumn blues.

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      We're happy to announce that we'll be part of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week this week! This year it will take place between 4-13 October

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      About 35 000 people took to the streets on September 27th 2019 in the city of The Hague alone to stand up against irresponsible climate politics and economic...

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Inspired by nature. Enchanted by autumn

      A Day In Autumn - by R. Stuart Thomas
      It will not always be like this, the air windless, a few last Leaves adding their decoration, to the trees’ shoulders...

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Newsletter Sept.2019

      Take a look at our latest novelties, specials and inspiration for the colder days! Discover our very latest limited collection 'Slow Motion Comfort in Green Shape'

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Upcoming Retailer Events

      - PANORAMA, Berlin: 15-17 Jan 2019
      - INNATEX, Frankfurt: 19-21 Jan 2019
      - MOMAD, Madrid: 8-10 Feb 2019
      - IF Showroom, Den Haag: Jan-Mar 2019
      - e-showroom/e-wholesale: Online

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A Story of crossing thresholds...

      inti ferreira launched at Xoom - Panorama Berlin Fair its new Summer Collection...'A Story of crossing thresholds'! And what a feeling to see the sustainable fashion growing stronger!

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      caught by the Panorama Berlin Magazine during the Fashion Week Berlin in July 2018

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inti ferreira launches the new GREENCODE collection.

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inti ferreira in VEGAN MAGAZINE

      NATUR PUR - inti ferreira caught at the popular German Vegan Magazine

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      - PANORAMA, Berlin: 3-5 Jul 2018
      - INNATEX, Frankfurt: 28-30 Jul 2018
      - MOMAD, Madrid: 7-9 Sep 2018
      - IF Showroom, Den Haag: Jul-Sep 2018
      - e-showroom/e-wholesale: Online

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Past Retailer Events

      Greenshowroom, Berlin: Jul 2017
      Innatex, Frankfurt-Wallau: Jul 2017
      inti ferreira Showroom, The Hague: Jul-Sep 2017

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