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Really, do we need This? Cheap is not everything. This Friday (29 Nov. 2019) is bargain day again. Indeed every one third seems to take part of it. Where does this lead? Sandra Immoor (Editor in Chief of the German Magazine 'Bilder Frau'), puts this dilema in the right context in her comment 'Billig ist nicht alles'. We love it and fully agree with her opinion. Where is the service gone? Where is the affectionate advice, the fairly produced products and the outstanding Quality? It appears that the 'Super saving fox' attitude (of course hidden behind a computer) takes precedence overall, even if clearly at the cost of the others. inti ferreira boycots 'Black Fridays' and is rather focused towards limited fairtrade production and products, good service, where the customer is 'king'. We fully support the 'Fridays for future', instead.

Fridays for future


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