inti ferreira

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With the new GREENCODE collection, which will be presented at the “Green Showroom” in Berlin this July, The Hague-based sustainable fashion brand inti ferreira (IF) is exploring the notion of change and transformation. Embracing change, IF strives to make a positive difference in the world.

The new collection focuses on transforming recycled and natural materials into chic futuristic designs. The collection is driven by a desire to change people’s perception of green fashion.

Since IF’s launch in 2007, it has been dedicated to creating fashion ethically and responsibly. Semsa Ferreira, the creative mind behind the brand, has brought her passion for the environment into each aspect of the company.

This year IF is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, which makes the GREENCODE collection especially significant in the history of the brand. The collection is a celebration of green fashion with awareness, fun and creativity. It exudes optimism.

Its forward-looking sophisticated feminine aesthetic, soft pastel green and brown hues and natural elements have a relaxed, harmonious feel. Elegant and mature timeless design is combined with whimsical and unexpected functions of the pieces.

GREENCODE is a collection, which will challenge our assumptions and shift perspectives. Going beyond the limits of functionality, this collection will install new codes and associations in our visual consciousness. We will see green fashion in a new light.

Green is fresh. Green is free. Green is the new chic.

Retailers, buyers and agents are welcome to attend our Fashion Show at Salon Show during Berlin's Fashion Week on the 5th of July at 16.30