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It’s cold outside and the air has a slight blue tint but when we look into buildings we see the glow of golden warm light. This time of year everything comes to a close and we rush and run to complete unfinished projects, do gift shopping for the holidays or plan the Christmas menu for the family dinner.

Focus on positive values when shopping

During this busy time we would like to take a moment and focus on positive values when shopping and on becoming more aware of what we buy and where we buy it. An interesting concept is Ethical Consumerism, which is a form of consumer activism, where buyers favour ethical, fair and sustainable goods and thus force producers to reconsider and improve their products to fit ethical consumers’ needs.

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Large corporations sell online no matters what

Another aspect is to look closely at the platforms where goods are sold. Large corporations that offer easy to use online sales platforms are taking over the majority of web purchasing without considering the products listed on their site. Anyone has the ability to sell their goods which unfortunately means both original and fake products are available side by side. Especially in the sustainable sector this becomes highly problematic as fair and ethical employment and manufacturing standards cannot be guaranteed. Ask your preferred brands and labels where their Originals can be purchased. At Inti Ferreira our original designs are available in our Web boutique or in our showroom in The Hague, Netherlands.

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