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The New Normal...

The old habits will not come back

It's taking long, too long to fix the pandemic and surely we all have enough of it. We believe, though, that soon COVID-19 will be under control and people can live without fearing contact with each other. Will this mean coming back to normal? Maybe, but what normal? The one we were used to before the begining of 2020? Probably not, for the good and for the bad. The awful things from the past don't even need to be described here, for we all know how damaging they have been to our planet, particularly the fast fashion. So at inti ferreira we are pretty much looking forward to the "New Normal", where daily habits will become more sustainable and so the world that we all want to see and dream upon!

Meanwhile, each one of us bears responsibilitiy in the construction of a sustainable world, whatever mission and role we're playing in the society. The first priority is to change the mindset inside ourselves. We must become conscient about our footprint and have it always present in our mind when taking a decision.

inti ferreira has pioneered the sustainable fashion back to 2007, at a time where people were often surprised to hear about "sustainable fashion"... Now we are pleased to see that more and more people look specifically for eco-fashion and even the main-stream brands (e.g fast-fashion) are striving to include as quickly as possibily a few sustainable products in their portfolio, not to miss the "train"! Whether these are just marketîng manoevres or a trully change on their values and mindset, only time will tell.

What have we been doing during the pandemic

Besides struggling with a forced drop in the financial figures, inti ferreira keeps loyal to its values as from day 1, designing its articles at its Atelier in The Netherlands, procuring sustainable materials, mostly GOTS, ökotex, IVN certified and letting them be then produced by specialised European Artisans, including its own atelier in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of the 'getting ready' to the 'New Normal', inti ferreira has also invested on innovative and secure ICT solutions, having built its own Green Digital Fashion platform. This is being used by consumers and retailers when buying online or offline inti ferreira products, or when searching for sustainable outfits on the internet. We are looking forward to an ease up of the Pandemic soon and to the challenges ahead, towards shapping the 'New Normal' together with our loyal customers!
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