Inti Ferreira

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when design makes sustainability a lifestyle

The new Fashionable & Sustainable collection is a creative challenge which manifests itself in demanding, but simplified silhouettes. A well thought-out mix of Fashion-Highlights and basics that can be worn throughout the year.

- balanced looks - androgynous silhouettes - modern - technical materials - highlights in urban looks - ambivalent desires -

The collection is reflected in a subdued colour palette, classic-modern tailoring elements and sophisticated materials.

Retailers and agents are welcome to attend our fashion show at Salon Show on 18th Jan. at 17.30

Warming-up for the Première

7 Jan 2017: In the studio...

18 Jan 2017: On the "passerele", at Salon Show during the Fashion Week Berlin 2017

18 Jan 2017: Exhibiting the new Sustainable & Fashion collection at Salon Show during the Fashion Week Berlin 2017