inti ferreira

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Selected collections for the Spring / Summer 2024

Discover ethical fashion with a touch of individuality and sustainability. Style isn't just about what you wear; it's about the values you embody. Discover the look that speaks to your unique lifestyle while expressing your commitment to a better, more sustainable future.

Going beyond the limits of functionality, challenging our assumptions and shifting perspectives. Greencode installs new codes and associations in our visual consciousness


Sustainable LUXURY MADE TO WEAR. An urban collection aligned with the frenetic rhythm of the City while exhaling quiteness and confidence. Very comfortable and puristic designs, handcrafted by inti ferreira's tailoring masters.


Ageless and sexless influences create the classics of the future.

Robotic Instincts

Your new summer essentials in a pastel and neutral color palette combined with blue denim.

Hover City Styling

Chill out the winter in silky shades of blue.

70's Hangover

A very feminine collection which does not renounce to a lively color palette and to geometrical optical effect united with very romantic details.


Let your body be touched lightly by fresh organic cotton and breathe the green mint taste of freedom.

Summer Beautiful

Soft lines, brown palette colors and refined fabrics will accompany you during the middle seasons in your daily life.

All Seasons

Tribal, nature and raw material enter in the daily urban style through this collection bringing exceptional comfort and uniqueness.

Urban Silhouette

Could luxury be casual? Yes, in this collection constituted by very simple lines, neutral colors and organic cotton which can give you the best level of comfort without renouncing to style.

Casual Luxury

Linen, lines, squares and creases play together reproducing the pure, natural and soft touch that summer brings with her.

L.O.V.E. Summer